Friday, May 18, 2007

Will There Be Any, Up in Heaven?

Some very welcome humor about Peter Akinola's efforts to split the Anglican Communion was posted May 8th by MadPriest at

A Whole Load of Primates Go to Heaven

A plane full of archbishops crashes and they all go to heaven where God is waiting for them.

God says to Rowan. "Rowan, what do you believe?"

Rowan replied, "Well, I believe that my weakness brought the Anglican Church to the brink of destruction, but I truly did what I did to try and keep everyone together."

God thought for a second and said, "I admire your love for my Church. Come sit at my left."

God then addressed Katharine. "Katharine, what do you believe?"

Katharine replied, "I believe I should have been a lot more assertive in Dar Es Salaam. But I wanted the boys to accept me. I was being vain."

God thought for a second and said, "Because of your honesty, you are forgiven, my daughter. Come sit at my right."

God then called on Big Pete Akinola. "Your Holiness, what do you believe?"

Big Pete said, "I believe you're in MY chair!"

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